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BotSupply was born out of our enthusiasm for the current progress in the field of conversational AI.

We share the view that humanity is in the middle of a transition, even a paradigm shift. A shift towards AI technologies; a shift in automation of work and society; a shift in our perception of creativity or maybe of what it means to be a human.

We believe in a future where AI-powered conversational interfaces will become the primary way of interaction with technology. So we take an optimistic stance and look with excitement to what we can build with the emerging tools.

Our interdisciplinary team embraces hardcore developers, inventive designers, witty copywriters, clever scientists, and passionate entrepreneurs. We have come together to create a better tomorrow.

We enjoy prototyping, experimenting, and bouncing ideas; pushing boundaries is our second nature. Creativity and originality are at the core of the solutions we build.

We welcome any opportunity to spread the knowledge about conversational technologies, share best practices, connect and learn from each other. So we actively participate in meetups, conferences, and discussions around conversational interfaces, chatbots and AI, also collaborating with educational institutions.

It is our belief that community building fosters creativity and leads the way for groundbreaking inventions.

Since we started in late 2016, our team has grown to almost 30 people. With headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, we spread around the world, and many our colleagues work remotely.

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Job Description

UI and advanced features of BotSupply CMS combined with scalable and secure
Oracle Digital Assistant offers an optimal conversational AI solution for

what we offer:-

- Create conversations in a simple and user-friendly
interface. Build flows for the bot dialogues, connect them and branch
off, insert links and data sources, integrate into different channels, use
buttons, emojis, and diverse multimedia elements. Preview your bot before
releasing it into the wild.

- Collect qualitative and quantitative data from each interaction
to get both aggregated and individual insights into the needs and behavior of
your customers. Deliver personalized, tailored, and contextual
conversations at scale. Connect backend systems (ERP, CRM, customer
service) and sync data in real-time.

- Benefit from the state-of-the-art natural language processing
that allows your bots to speak more than 30 languages, including English,
Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish,
and Portuguese. Even more, languages are added constantly.

- Reach more customers by deploying on websites, mobile apps,
popular messaging apps, and voice assistants including Facebook Messenger,
WhatsApp,  Skype, Slack, Telegram, Twilio, Google Assistant, and others.

- Configure when the bot should hand over the conversation to a
human operator, as a normal inquiry in Zendesk, Salesforce, Oracle, Freshdesk,
or any connected backend system. Your operator can view the conversation
history, promptly respond to the user, and connect back to the bot.

- Control which user groups can execute which actions, create,
edit, or remove bots. E.g. one group can be authorized to create new flows
but cannot publish them. Another group can have the right to approve and
publish flows.


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